Individual Sessions

"Kyra offers a beautiful blend of holistic modalities that lead to significant transformation and healing."

I blend positive psychology and spiritual awareness with leading-edge mind-body-spirit modalities. Options include REHM, my proprietary form of hypnotherapy (Release & Empowerment Hypno-Meditation), intuition development, flower essence therapy, and indigenous healing traditions. I'm proud to offer this empowering approach for holistic therapy sessions that improve your life from the very first session. 


The Doubly Effective, Double Length Session  Significant progress in only one session!

A common complaint I hear from people is that they do not want to wait through the process of therapy appointments: an initial session that is just a get-to-know-you, then weekly sesssions that tick by quickly, with minimal progress.  So for those of us who are a little impatient (guilty here) or who are dealing with an intense discomfort that needs to be resolved NOW - this session is for you.

The appointment will be up to 2 and a half hours. You'll complete a form beforehand, so we will get to work right away in the session. A new paradigm for a more effective way to heal! You may, of course, want follow-up sessions, but many clients love starting with this session for immediate stress relief. Special pricing of $329

Available at my office in St Paul or by phone. Email to schedule a brief phone consult with me first during which we'll set an appointment for your double length session. 

"I am a therapist myself and was looking for high quality therapy with results.  One session with Kyra has been worth 6 sessions of usual therapy to me because she uses techniques that are shortcuts to healing.  With Dr. Kyra, it hasn't been a long process to feeling better; there was immediate relief.  And I continue to work through the layers. I have found Kyra not only highly competent but also warm and intuitive.  I have felt safe and successful working with her."


"Dr Kyra's two hour session is fantastic for being able to gain awareness & make healthy shifts quickly! I found this experience helpful to gain clarity and move forward. I gained a lot of awareness and progress in just one session. Dr Kyra's book is extremely helpful too."


Strength of Sensitivity Session  It's a therapy session like none other! A comprehensive understanding of sensitivity is augmented by deeply healing techniques such as REHM and flower essence therapy. You'll leave feeling truly heard and empowered with new tools after the very first session. (You may want to read my book The Strength of Sensitivity)

"I've seen many therapists over my life, and Dr Kyra is the first who has actually, really helped me. Every time I see her, I discover something new and am able to move forward.  This momentum has been a gift and a blessing."


Full Bloom Empowerment Sessions: Not many people know what flower essence remedies are because they are not a high-profit, commercially available product. They are made from flowering plants and hand-created by dedicated, intuitive individuals in a co-creative process with nature. These remedies provide much more potent healing energetic oomph than you might think. They are perfect for clearing old, stuck emotions, overcoming self-defeating tendencies, and for coming into alignment with your higher self and life's purpose.

There are flower essences to help with everything from anxiety & depression to relationship issues & smoking cessation. (And everything in between) Flower essence therapy is not the same as aromatherapy. It's a completely different way to bring the healing power of nature and plants into your life! Flower essence therapy works wonders for adults and children alike.

Your full bloom empowerment session with Dr Kyra will be an effective alternative to a typical counseling session. We'll talk about the issues you want to work through, then choose your essences with a fun, intuitive method. You'll leave with a dropper bottle filled with your very own customized mix of flower essences with directions for how to use them in your daily life. Flower essences are an energetic boost that work subconsciously to help you break through even your most stubborn, recurrent challenges. 


"Dr Kyra is a gifted therapist who speaks to the art of alternative counseling. Her approach to psychotherapy is nothing short of enlightenment. She taught me self-acceptance and awareness, which gave me belief in myself and new hope. To work with her has been a privilege. I now have a new level of understanding regarding who I really am. I've healed in ways I didn't think possible."  


"I’ve learned there are no rules, there is no blame, it just is…  Flower essence therapy is what I have been searching for my whole life, and I am so grateful to have found it. I don't know if words can even express how deep this goes, to the core. I first read the book by Dr. Kyra, and it really hit home. I related so strongly, and could barely wait to start sessions with her.
I was tired and sad, anxious and defeated. Then I left my first session feeling uplifted, energetic, and hopeful. Wow!
This is now an ongoing practice for me, and has really impacted my life. It is so complete- the flower essences, meditations, healing. Dr. Kyra has a gentle and compassionate spirit, with a sense of humor :) I feel completely safe in her hands and confident in her abilities. I am feeling more connected and truly myself.

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