How are Full Bloom Remedies made? Watch my Behind-the-Scenes Video!

Please note that Full Bloom Herbal Remedies are lovingly made locally in MN by Dr Kyra in small quantities. Therefore, they are not available for individual sale, only to those who schedule an individual session or attend a Full Bloom event, gathering or party.


Descriptions of currently available Full Bloom Remedies:


Yarrow - Sensitive & Strong for Empathic Recalibration

Yarrow Knits You Back Together Whenever You Feel Frayed

Yarrow is the foundational support for all sensitive souls. It recalibrates our etheric energy so we can comfortably stand strong in our own light, rather than being overloaded by the energies around us. This essence with rosy and pale pink yarrow wants us to claim our right to sensitive AND happy. Aware AND safe. Powerful AND free to be ourselves. Click here for the full description of Yarrow Full Bloom Remedy


Sweet Violets by the Tree Hollow

The Powerful Rise of the Divine Feminine

This Full Bloom remedy is a powerful dose of feminine strength! 

Did you know we can promote peace, harmony & cooperation without compromising our own needs and desires? Sweet Violet knows it!! She makes it easy for us to fully express our feminine strength, confidence and goddess energy.

Sweet Violet is well suited for creating respectful, harmonious relationships that meet your needs, be it at work or with a soulmate.

Sweet Violet has much more to say, Click here for the full description and photos 


Amur Honeysuckle

Finding the Sweetness in Finances

By request, this Full Bloom remedy was made to help manifest greater prosperity.

So many of us struggle with money issues. Amur Honeysuckle asks us to reconsider how we think about money and to let go of the negativity often associated with finances.

This essence is the base in my personalized prosperity mixes.

Click here for a full description of Amur Honeysuckle with beautiful photos of this vivacious plant. 


The Very First Dandelions after a Long Winter

Be Radiant NOW

For thriving in less than perfect conditions

Healing after periods of prolonged stress

Shining bright despite perceived limitations or pressure

Click here for full description



When the Day Met the Night- Completely Balanced Energy Mix

Creeping Charlie in the blazing sun with Wild Geranium in the rain overnight.

Full description coming soon



Obedient Plant and the Bees

The sheer enormity of your spiritual self is your birthright

"Obedient" Plant aka False Dragonhead belies its common names. It is neither obedient (it's considered an invasive plant) nor does it consider itself to be "false." It has a strong energy of stepping into our power and defining for ourselves who we truly are.

Click here for full description and photos


Creeping Charlie and Dandelion


This mixture is about moving forward, tenacity, keeping up a swift pace and enhancing flow while reducing muscle tension.

It's great for overcoming procrastination and allowing more vitality to flow overall. 

Click here for full description and photos


Hosta: Embody Happiness

Hosta has a light, uplifting, happy energy it wants to share with us. The flowers are on stalks, rising far above the leaves, which represent "rising above" worrisome thoughts or conditions

Relax, All is Well

It's okay to have fun. "Serious" isn't better, in fact, it often slows things way down. Lighter energy moves more quickly. 

Click here for full description and photos


Mock Orange and the Bees

Sunny vitality and inspired work 

An impetus to work on creative projects and prosperity building activities

Help with 2nd chakra issues: digestion,  reproductive, hormonal, menopausal

Remember that work can be fun when it is inspired!

Full description and photos


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