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Parking Tips  for 2615 Park Ave, Minneapolis

Printable Parking Instructions
Adobe Acrobat document [69.3 KB]

2615 Park Ave S, #B4, Minneapolis, MN 55407 (In the Life Healing Life Clinic space)  Clinic patients & clients must use the side door on 26th St. Info below:

2615 Park Ave is an historic building in midtown Minneapolis directly across the street from The Swedish Institute.

There are two options for parking:

  1. FREE valet parking in the garage, then entering the building through the wooden door in the garage 
  2. Street parking - enter through the building’s side door on 26th St, under the black awning

Suite B4 is on the lower level of the building, so please note that the main entrance on Park Avenue is not available for our use.

1- Garage Entrance with Valet Parking: Clinic visitors may use the building’s parking garage at no charge. The garage doors are on the back side of the building facing east on Columbus Avenue. You will see 2 white garage doors.

Pull up to the garage door on the right (sometimes an attendant will see you and open the door, other times you may need to push the call button or type the code 1947 into the keypad to open the garage door).

Once in the garage, you’ll turn immediately to your left, and pull all the way up to the sign that says STOP HERE. Most times you will be greeted by an attendant right away. Turn off your engine, leave your keys on the seat, and your car will be parked for you while you visit. Though you don’t have to, you can tell the attendant you are visiting Dr Kyra in the Life Healing Clinic. You do not have to wait for the attendants, though, if you are in a hurry or can see they are helping someone else first. They will get to your car asap.

Suite B4 is a very short walk from the garage. The Building Entrance from the garage is through the wood door near the wooden storage lockers. Turn to your right, head down the hallway and through a single interior door. You’ll pass restrooms on your left, then you will see Suite B4 (wood double doors). It’s the 2nd to the last door on the left side of the hall. Come right in!

Walk down our entrance hallway, then you will see our waiting area to your right. Help yourself to tea or water.

2 - Street Parking Option, using the side door entrance on 26th:  26th Street has two areas for parking near our entrance. Also Columbus Avenue right behind the building has 2 hour parking at any time.

The Building Entrance for our clinic is the side door on 26th Street, under the black awning. A code will be emailed to you to unlock the side door. Suite B4 is very close to this entrance. B4 is the set of double doors second down on the right.

On weekdays 26th Street has some parking rules: 2 hour parking limit, no parking 4-6pm, but no limits after 6pm or weekends. 

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