The Strength of Sensitivity: A Life of Emotional Peace & Balance
The Strength of Sensitivity: A Life of Emotional Peace & Balance

Be a Sensitive Revolutionary: Confident, Peaceful & Unapologetically YOU!

"You embody much more strength than you know..."

Membership in The Strength of Sensitivity Movement is a community you can call home! Once you join, you'll receive these bonuses:


The First Chapter of The Strength of Sensitivity. In this introduction chapter, Dr Kyra tells the story of the crazy, weird experience that forever changed her professional and personal life, and her perspective on being an empathic, sensitive person.


The Know Your Holistic Energy QuizDiscover much more about who you really are, with important tips for a balanced, purposeful life based on your results.


You'll also receive a complimentary subscription to The Strength of Sensitivity e-Newsletter. You won't want to miss it. Each issue will have new meditations, support for sensitive self-care & well-being, invitations to member events, and tips for being a sensitive revolutionary - confident, peaceful and unapologetically you

Viva la revolución!


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