The Strength of Sensitivity: A Life of Emotional Peace & Balance
The Strength of Sensitivity: A Life of Emotional Peace & Balance

Now Channeling Divine Spirit with messages for all sensitive souls...

In my Empathic Empowerment sessions, I always support and encourage clients to trust their intuition, to pay attention to the messages that are coming to them, and to embrace their unconventionality. So now I have to do the same!

I am now publicly channeling a supportive divine energy that calls itself "Quinn." I call it the Divine Evolutionary Support System.  


Who is QUINN? Click to listen to QUINN's answer:

A message from Quinn: Dr Kyra is channeling this energy because she has dedicated her life to understanding what sensitivity really is. And what is it? On an esoteric level, a sensitive soul is born on earth refusing to sever its connection from the powerful energies of spirit from whence it came. For many of you, that has resulted in a life of split energy. You may feel like you've been living in two different worlds - one foot in spirit & subtle energy and the other foot in the day to day harsh reality that everyone else seems to focus upon. This split is the basis of most of your uncomfortable physical and emotional "diagnoses."


The good news is that this split is easily mended when you slowly but surely allow your sensitive nature to come out into the light. Dr Kyra is an excellent guide to lead sensitive souls down a path of empowerment and recognition that you have had it right all along...


Info about QUINN Gatherings & Sessions:


Do you wish you had a wise spiritual mentor who would give you new perspectives on old problems?

Or guide you to peace of mind and lighthearted fun?

You’re not the only one, so let’s make it a party!


Dr Kyra, a Minneapolis holistic practitioner & author of The Strength of Sensitivity, is now channeling a helpful spiritual energy called Quinn.


Quinn is a supportive, loving energy that is delighted to assist us in our quest to feel empowered and happy with our lives. Kyra likes to call Quinn the Divine Evolutionary Support System.


Humanity is evolving with growing awareness of who we really are in mind, body & SPIRIT. As sensitive souls, we are right on the leading edge of this evolution, sometimes with growing pains, and we can all use a little help to smooth the bumps along the road.


That’s where Quinn comes in. She wants our lives to be easier. She loves to share insights that soften our approach, resulting in greater clarity and freedom.


Quinn wants each of us to feel safe & secure with the knowledge that spirit is cheering us on as we explore new territory. We don’t have to go it alone.


During a Quinn Gathering, Dr Kyra will begin by guiding everyone through a centering meditation. Then, as time allows, most or all attendees will have opportunities to directly ask Quinn any question at all – personal, professional, or esoteric. Quinn loves responding to your questions, and it usually becomes a lively discussion with the whole group!


Please keep in mind that Quinn is not doing a “psychic reading.” She will not predict your future nor tell you what to do.

Quinn empowers us to step into our own divinity so that we can create the life we want and have more fun doing it.


A Quinn private session (by phone or in-person) will begin similarly to a gathering, with a centering meditation, but you will be able to dive much more deeply into matters that are personal to you. Quinn does not shy away from giving you new perspectives on even the stickiest of issues.


Dr Kyra didn't plan to become a channel for divine support, but it is the natural result of her desire to empower sensitive, empathic people (and her own self-study & healing for the past 20 years). Dr Kyra is thus, a balanced, centered and clear channel for this helpful energy from divine spirit. 



Kyra Mesich, PsyD, author of The Strength of Sensitivity, is an innovative psychotherapist, and the creator of Empathic Empowerment Therapy. Her passion is empowering sensitive souls to create lives of clarity, peace & lighthearted joy. She earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1995 and has continually studied in the fields of holistic health and esoteric thought. Her training includes flower essence therapy, meditation, hypnotherapy, yoga, and indigenous healing traditions.


Visit for her podcast, book, and to join The Strength of Sensitivity Community.




I've made my schedule very flexible for Quinn gatherings: daytime, evening or weekend. I can come to your location, or we may be able to use space in Minneapolis or Roseville. 

Allow up to 90 minutes for a gathering or party of 3 - 15 people. The more I channel, the better, so to further hone my Quinn channeling skills through 2017, I am only asking group attendees for free-will donations.


Private session promotion as well: $20 off the usual rate for individual sessions.



Email to schedule a Quinn gathering or session.

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