The Strength of Sensitivity: A Life of Emotional Peace & Balance
The Strength of Sensitivity: A Life of Emotional Peace & Balance

Karaoke Empowerment Therapy!

Would you like to have fun as you heal?
Find your voice?  Speak your truth?   Claim your space?
Feel more present and powerful? 
Karaoke therapy is NOT about being a great singer. In fact, it's the total opposite of American Idol. There is no judgement. Instead, karaoke therapy is about having fun with one or two songs that represent the energy of who you truly want to be in your life.
The benefits of karaoke therapy translate to:
Empowering yourself after a breakup or a shift in a relationship
Being noticed and acknowledged in group situations
Expanding your business persona
Speaking up with a stronger presence in any situation
Dr Kyra's Karaoke Therapy Empowerment Package includes: One in-person holistic psychotherapy session. Email support. Up to 2 karaoke evenings (You will meet Dr Kyra at a karaoke venue. She'll be there to sing with you if wanted and/or to cheer you on. Dr Kyra is familiar with several karaoke venues in the Twin Cities. She'll recommend the one that seems the best fit for your personality & song genre). and One follow-up 60 minute phone session.  (Since this is a new offering, discounts are currently available in exchange for a testimonial) 
Email with questions & to schedule your first session.
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