It's Time for You to Create the Life You Desire!

What do you need in your life? A new home? Different job? Your soulmate? Prosperity?  Make May the month you seriously start creating the life you want!


Why register for Manifestation Masterclass?

Are you going through life frustrated and confused as to why the things you truly want seem just out of reach? Take heart. You are not alone at all! 

As we learn about our spirit energy, we receive assurances from teachers such as Dr Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks and Gregg Braden that we absolutely CAN manifest anything we want in life through the energy of pure intention.  Yet somewhere along the line, there obviously is a disconnect for most of us.


Bridging that frustrating gap is what Manifestation Masterclass is all about!


What you’ll get when you register:

This 4 week group will be a hybrid of in-person and virtual support through emails, conference calls and online chats.


I’ve learned there are 3 details that are often missed in teachings about manifesting our desires:



Manifestations start to flow when we take easy, small steps every day that lighten our energy to be in harmony with the wonderful things we want to create.  Emails & online support will create this consistency.



On one hand, it is empowering to hear the teachings I mentioned above and to know that we humans can use our spiritual & emotional energy to manifest our desires. Yet, on the other hand, it sometimes leaves us feeling like “we are doing something wrong” when those desires don’t appear.  And that doesn’t help our situation.


Truth is that none of us in this time period and culture are prepared for how to do this. For the last hundred generations, humanity was unlearning how to manifest. We have a long line of ancestors who were focused on physical matter and hard work, so that’s what we’ve been taught. Now we have to unlearn the unlearning to get back to a state of mind-body-spirit harmony. We absolutely can rewire our tendencies and learn to live more consistently in the energy of creation, but it can be challenging to try to do all by yourself. The support of the group will make it much easier. It’s not as efficient to try to go this alone.


Specific Guidance

I’m a psychologist who specializes in empowering sensitive, empathic people like you. It’s tough being a sensitive soul in this world. If you’re like me, you may have coped with the people in your life by doing things that seemed protective at the time. Does any of this ring familiar?

Putting up boundaries around your heart

Avoiding certain people/situations because you felt you would be inundated or couldn’t handle it

Thinking, well, I’ll just have to go it alone and do this myself. I can’t count on others.

Retreating in attempt to numb painfully sensitive emotions (through any means: overwork, alcohol, food, or even moving to a remote place)

Being a bit of a perfectionist or critical toward your own achievements


These are just some examples of what we do as sensitive souls to try to cope, but unfortunately, none of them are conducive to attracting what we want. In other words, due to the lives we have lived, we are generally more adept at pushing away what we don’t want, or retreating in a self-protective sense, rather than attracting and inviting energy to us.


Don’t despair, as this is another tendency you can certainly shift. But it does take some specific guidance, which I’ll be delighted to offer to you.


My goal is for all of us to feel free to attract everything we want and create a fabulous, fun life!




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