The Strength of Sensitivity: A Life of Emotional Peace & Balance
The Strength of Sensitivity: A Life of Emotional Peace & Balance

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Review from Spirituality Today:

"This is a uniquely liberating book. It straddles the worlds of spirituality and psychology in a remarkably effective way..."  

"Anyone longing to thrive as a highly sensitive person should read this warm, supportive book...The Strength of Sensitivity is a go-to volume for those moving through life feeling strained by the intensity of their various sensitivities..."Read the complete review at ForeWord Reviews

Reader reviews:

"Being sensitive seemed to be a major flaw that I was born with and should hide from view whenever possible. After reading The Strength of Sensitivity, I had a completely different outlook on being sensitive. I now find it empowering and an advantage..."


"I am so glad Dr Kyra wrote this book! It offers validation and poignant insights into recurring patterns I have struggled with throughout my life..."


"This book is very useful in that it has meditation and reframing exercises."


The Strength of Sensitivity is a trailblazing guide with new perspectives on the trait of sensitivity. Though it used to be considered a weakness, we are now empowered to view our sensitivity from a holistic perspective in body, mind & spirit. When we finally understand the depth of who we really are, we discover new tools to transform our self-concept, feel balanced and peaceful, and stand up for ourselves with confidence! The Strength of Sensitivity is receiving fantastic reviews, and is available online or at your favorite bookstore.


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The Strength of Sensitivity was named a Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards Finalist!

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Are You a Sensitive Empath? Post on Llewellyn Blog by Dr Kyra


Four Secret Strengths of Sensitivity

Sensitive people have gotten a bum rap. We live in a world that doesn't embrace the values of sensitivity, so we get told that we are weak, unusual, touchy, and hard to please. The sad truth is that we hear these messages in many ways throughout our lives. Even if it is from a well-meaning teacher or parent who tries to "toughen us up," the crux of these messages is that there is something wrong with being sensitive.

When we hear these messages over and over through our lives, we can't help but internalize them as our own identity. Therefore, most sensitive people truly do believe that there is something wrong with them and that they are at fault for being "too sensitive."

It's no wonder then that ...  Read the rest at Llewellyn Journal

The Strength of Sensitivity: A Conversation with Dr Kyra Mesich 

The Edge, May 2016

Being empathic is being sensitive to emotional energy. It is vital to understand empathic ability in order to fully, holistically understand yourself as a sensitive person... click here to read the full interview


Synergies In Healing is a worldwide journal of indigenous and alternative healing thought, created by Evelyn Einhaeuser in Germany. Click here to read Evelyn's interview with Dr Kyra, The Energetical Side of Psychotherapy.

"...empathy is not a lack of boundaries, rather it is based on recognition that boundaries are permeable"

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