Welcome, Sensitive Soul!

Your sensitivity can be the road to a rewarding life of confidence, strength, peace of mind, and intuition. You're in the right place to learn how.

Hi, I'm Dr Kyra...

Would you like to learn how to shift stressful overwhelm to a grounded, powerful connection with your inner wisdom?

I'm dedicated to giving you the tools to live a life of clarity, peace of mind, and lighthearted joy.

Learn more about my Holistic Empowerment Sessions.


Is it Time for YOU to BLOOM?

NEW: Full Bloom Summer Garden Gatherings & Parties!

For a powerful dose of Mother Nature's healing, good vibes! A fun flower fiesta with herbal remedies, flower readings, meditation and more. Details: Full Bloom Remedies

Be Centered & Powerful NOW!

In this free video class you'll learn 3 strategies you can implement right away to have more confidence and grounded strength as a sensitive, highly perceptive person.

It's just one of my gifts to you for joining the Strength of Sensitivity Community. Watch this empowering class now.

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