Welcome, Sensitive Soul!

Your sensitivity can be the road to a rewarding life of meaning, peaceful knowing, confidence & strength. You're in the right place to learn how.

Hi, I'm Dr Kyra...

Would you like to learn how to turn your sensitive, empathic overwhelm into strengths in mind, body & spirit?

I'm dedicated to empowering you to live a life of clarity, peace of mind, and lighthearted joy.

Learn more about my book, The Strength of Sensitivity


EASE Biz School - It's NEW!

Business Success for Empathic and Sensitive Entrepreneurs

Feel clear & confident. Sell with ease. Market your business with integrity. Share your gifts of healing, helping & creativity and earn a comfortable living doing it! 

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Be Centered & Powerful NOW!

In this free video class you'll learn 3 strategies you can implement right away to have more confidence and grounded strength as a sensitive, highly perceptive person.

It's just one of my gifts to you for joining the Strength of Sensitivity Community. Watch this empowering class now.


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